All-In-One Business Software Suite For Charter Fishing

0% Commission On Booked Trips - FOREVER

Advanced automation to help run your business while you are fishing!

Are You Ready To Grow Your Charter Business?

Guests (New & Returning) Can Book Directly With You Increasing Your Margins!

For less than what you likely pay 3rd parties for one reservation, you can have CUSTOM MARKETING SOFTWARE for your Fishing Charter Business WITH INTEGRATED BOOKING!

Already have a killer website you like? No problem, We can hook up our booking system with it easily!

Easy To Manage Website

Discover the ultimate ease and efficiency with our charter fishing website, where seamless navigation and intuitive tools empower your customers to book their dream fishing adventure in just a few clicks. From real-time availability updates to hassle-free online payments, our website takes the stress out of planning their next thrilling fishing trip with you!

Automated Customer Bookings

Experience the future of charter fishing with our cutting-edge, 0% commission, automated customer booking system, revolutionizing how your guests secure their angling excursions. Say goodbye to lengthy phone calls and email exchanges – our intuitive platform allows your guests to effortlessly browse available dates, select their preferred trip, and confirm their reservation instantly.

CRM and Marketing Suite

Imagine a charter business where administrative tasks vanish into thin air, thanks to automation and a robust CRM solution. With less time and energy dedicated to personalized customer experiences and marketing strategies, you'll navigate the waters of success with unrivaled efficiency, leaving your competitors in awe of your thriving and customer-centric fishing enterprise.



Our proprietary systems will help you gain efficiency in managing your charter business while you're out on the water!

Unlock the true potential of your charter fishing business
with our cutting-edge SaaS platform

The ultimate answer to seamless automation, streamlined management, and exponential growth, empowering you to cast a wider net, reel in more bookings, and set the course towards unparalleled success on the open waters.

Revolutionize your charter fishing business with our game-changing SaaS platform, designed to propel your bookings and customer relationships to new heights. From effortless online booking and automated reservation management to real-time insights and data-driven marketing, our platform empowers you to navigate the waters of success with unrivaled efficiency, leaving your competitors in awe and your customers thrilled with unforgettable fishing experiences.

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Our Platform Services

Yes! Everything is included at one low price!

Contact Manager

A centralized CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a unified system that consolidates and organizes all customer-related data, interactions, and communication channels in one place, enabling businesses to efficiently manage and enhance customer relationships.

Insights Dashboard

The reporting dashboard in Blitz Software Solutions for the charter fishing Captain provides users with real-time visualizations and comprehensive insights into their data, empowering them to make informed decisions and monitor key performance metrics at a glance.

Website Chat

Improve customer engagement, instant support and assistance, and the ability to address inquiries and concerns in real-time, leading to higher customer satisfaction and increased conversions.

Google My Business Chat

Integrate Google My Business into your new platform and respond to inquiries, chats, reviews, etc.

Reputation Management

Centralize your online reputation management into our All-In-One solution and maximize the few hours of downtime you have before the next trip by not having to log into multiple platforms.

Appointment Automation

Customers want to book online. Your new booking solution lets future guests book directly with you. They pay the same as they do on Fishing booking websites, EXCEPT you don't have to pay a commission! We do not upcharge at all!!

Reviews Widget

Want to show off your reviews? Yes, you most certainly do. Customers searching for charter trips are always reading your reviews before they make a decision on who to book a trip with.

Online Listing Management

Struggling to keep your charter company information updated on all the different websites? Our Listing Management tool can help simplify this process with one easy click.

Easy Integration

Need to integrate? Fishing Booker does generate business; it just costs you to use it. Our system will integrate with your Google Calendar, and Fishing Booker also integrates with Google Calendar. This keeps your bookings in sync, so you don't have double bookings!

Unified Messaging

Our centralized messaging platform brings messages from across the web into one centralized system. Our FREE Mobile APP lets you access this information, even when you're out on the water (of course when you still have cell or internet coverage).

Social Planner

No time to post on social media but know you need to? Schedule your posts in advance and they'll deliver automatically! Note: Social Media is a BIG driver for Charter Fishing businesses, we HIGHLY recommend it.

Website CMS

Want to make easy changes to your website without having to send emails and wait for someone to do it for you? You can easily do this with our CMS system. If you need more involved changes, our website development team is standing by to help as well!

Reviews From Charter Companies

"Blitz is amazing. It has helped me easily manage direct bookings on my website vs. paying Fishing Booker 30% of all of my trips. One trip alone pays for this awesome software and website." -Dave

"As everyone knows, we get up early and get home late. I just didn't have the time to focus on my charter business. The package Blitz Software Solutions has put together helped me easily and quickly manage my business. On top of that, every booking through my website, I make about 30% more than a fishing booker reservation!" -Chris

"Using the Blitz platform for our fishing charter business has been a game-changer! The streamlined booking process and real-time insights have not only increased our bookings but also allowed us to provide top-notch customer service, leaving our clients thrilled with unforgettable fishing experiences." - Captain Mike


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